We recomend


Best ski stations and termal aqua parks close our property. Discounts on therma Bania, Choochołowskie and Szaflary.

in winter season

1 km Strona głowna 3 km Strona główna 5 km Strona główna 18 km Strona główna

all over the year

4 km Strona główna 5 km Skorzystaj z Rabatu 15 km Skorzystaj z Rabatu 35 km Skorzystaj z Rabatu

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We accept Polish Tourist Voucher

You can use a Polish Tourist Voucher to pay for the stay at our apartments, no hassle.

Fighting covid 19

We are fully operating within covid-19 sanitary protocol.At the entrance a hand sanitiser is provided for your safety.The rooms are ventilated immediately after they become vacant and we use special cleaning products to ensure that the place is safe and clean for your arrival.